Reduction gears

The name "high precision reduction gear" designates the full integration of high-precision reduction gear and high-precision radial-axial bearing in a compact unit. Twin Spin hight precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accurancy, low lost motion, high moment capacity and high stiffness of a compact design with a limited installation zone, and low mass. This new transmission system allows the utilization of the reducer TwinSpin in robotics and automation, machine tools, measuring equipments, navigation systems, in the aircraft industry, in military and medicine field, in wood-working field, in printers branch, in machines for textile industry and glass treatment, in filling machines, etc. 


The basic parts of TwinSpin high precision reduction gear are:

  • case - incoporates the high capacity, precision radial-axial output bearings integrated in the reduction gear
  • output sealling - on the output flange side, it prevents internal contamination and lubricant leakage from the reduction gear
  • flanges - input and output flanges are fixed together by fitted bolts, and rotate at reduced speed in the radial-axial output bearing relative to the case
  • shaft - high-speed member of the reduction mechanism carried by roller bearings in the flanges. Bearing raceways are ground directly on the shaft and the flangers. The shaft eccentrics rotationally support the trochoidal gears via roller bearings
  • trochoidal gearing - their trochoidal profile wih almost 50% simultaneous meshing ensures transmission of the high torque and backlash-free performance of the reduction gear
  • transformation member - transforms the planetary motion of the trochoidal gears to the rotary motion of a pair of flanges



TwinSpin catalogue can be found here.


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